Winter Warmer Treat @ Woolworths Windermere Centre Pop-up Coffee bar


Warm hugs and hellos!

It’s been a terribly cold weekend and I had to share this little treat with you.

The Woolworths at Windermere Centre is a little branch without the lovely “restaurant” that the Gateway store offers.

However, they do have a this cute pop-up coffee bar at the entrance with a charming young Barista making delicious warm chai; hot chocolate; lattes, cappacinos etc, to help us defrost while shopping.

This weekend I tried the Vanilla and Cinnamon cappacino and it was heavenly! The aroma of vanilla and cinnamon were subtle and the two flavours blended seamlessly with the coffee beans!!


Here is a look at their other options.


Woolies never disappoint with their range of flowers and they last oh so long! (Yes, I know that this isn’t news but I like pretty things and these flowers are beautiful!)


And some more… for good measure .. 🙂


Keep warm darlings!

Lovanya 😉