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Dear Doing Durbaner! 

Welcome and thank you for subscribing to my blog. I promise not to spam you and you’re in for treats along the way, as well as having the benefit and convenience of having my blog posts emailed directly to your inbox! (You’re welcome).

I started this blog to share my adoration of all things Durban with you. Styled in the fashion of a lifestyle blog, my aim is simple – to eat my way through Durban; to navigate its corners; to experience it fully – and to take you along with me!

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Durban isn’t a show off – She makes you work to find her soft spots, often ‘hiding’ wonderful things in the most unlikely places..

…be it by way of a quirky and quaint coffee shop within an antique store or a boho-chic clothing store…

Or a magnificent sunrise view over the harbour, best viewed from the highest roof-top level hotel parking…

Or a natural waterfall tucked away 20 minutes from Gateway!

She packs a punch in a subtle way, and you and I are going to unearth Her every beautiful layer!

I dabble in restaurant reviews – I pay for all meals myself and all reviews are bold and honest.  I have a penchant for adventure and the outdoors; a passion for health, fitness and nutrition, combined with an incurable urge to explore the unknown. This blog is all encompassing – there is something for everyone!

Feel free to engage with me – I’d love to hear from you and receive feedback on what you’d like to see more of on DoingDurban.co.za.  (Drop me an email on admin@doingdurban.co.za).

These posts may be forwarded to friends as well! The more the merrier.

Until next time..

All my best,

Lovanya 🙂

PS. Don’t forget to enter the Oasis Skin Care and Day Spa competition. Full details on the post itself and entries close on the 30th August 2015! Goodluck. 

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