My apologies.

I’ve been out of touch and I’ve missed you so!!

One of the drawbacks of having a demanding full-time job, academic and personal commitments AND a blog is that I don’t always have time to ‘pen’ my posts as soon as I’d like!

That being said, although a bit late, I thought I’d chat a bit about this past 4th of July, at what has become the only event worth mentioning South Africa’s calendar for the month, the gloriously and unashamedly OTT, Vodacom Durban July!


I went armed with a mink fascinator and a BFF in tow. A July Virgin she was,  but she, along with two of her darling friends took to the event like specialist punters with a keen eye on the fashion stakes!


The event itself was, as usual, exceptionally well attended by a peaceful, jovial crowd – most of whom looked like Vogue cover models! GOOD FOR YOU BOYS AND GIRLS!! You made it your own!!! Winning!!

I especially enjoyed the young gent with a bamboo bow tie (or some sort of wooden bow tie) and a blue suit. Dapper; July worthy; without straying too far from “wearable” reality. Kudos kiddo, kudos 🙂

My horse lost. Oh you Legal Eagle, teasing the crowd with that direct stare during the warm up. I thought that look meant “I got this” whereas, it seems he meant  “So long suckers…!”


The food left much to be desired – I had some lousy Chinese Chicken Noodles and my mates had the Galitos burgers and chips on offer.

Passable. I suppose.

Pretty standard.

All in all nothing beats the excitement of Race 7. That’s why I go.

You’re screaming your lungs out for that Beauty to run his best race!

You’re betting with the Security Guard that your pick is gonna win it, so he goes and places his bet too (sorry brah) 😉

You’re debating the odds of the favourite winning with the Golden Oldie in front of you, who seems quite adamant that if the Tote Lady placed his bet the way he asked he would be a millionaire by now!

It’s wonderful I tell you!! Bloody wonderful!!


Grab a friend next year, slap on some sunblock and give it a bash.

You cannot live in Durban and miss it.

It’s a pity. Even if you’re not into horse racing or gambling, go for the vibe.


Fun is as clean and enjoyable as you want it to be!

See you next July!


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