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December is upon us! It’s my birthday month, so I am understably biased, but it is my absolute favorite time of year 🙂

It has been said that “variety is the spice of life”, so much so that it’s become (at times) an overdone cliché!
But I’ve grown tired of the same old holiday haunts so I’ve decided to throw together a list of a few things that are a little something different to do this holiday season.  I am yet to try some of them but I look forward to paying them each a visit on my blissful month long December break  🙂

So here you go :

PART 1: Doing Durban’s Top 10 List of Holiday Experiences 2015 🙂



How about an underwater safari of sorts? Slap on some waterproof SPF boys and girls and get ready to be enthralled by what seems to be an epic experience! CANNOT wait to do this!!

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Blue Wilderness Shark Cage Diving, with expert trained instructors right here in Durbs. When you’re feeling brave enough, you can even opt to swim with the black tip sharks, NO CAGE!


I’ll let you lot try that one out and let me know how it goes ……. :p

They also offer SCUBA adventures.


They’ve got a comprehensive website to answer your questions.

Website : Blue Wilderness

The damage: R950.00 per adult

Contact: +27 (0) 71 705 8518





Now here’s something I’ve been dying to do! It involves food – you can’t blame me!

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According to their Events Director, SecretEats hosts “fabulous dinner parties in the different locations – private homes, art galleries, theatres, roof tops etc – around Durban / Cape Town and Johannesburg.”

Their next event will be on 3rd December 2015 in Everton Road (just before Hillcrest). She explains that part of the allure is the showcasing of an up & coming local Chef who brings an AWESOME menu to life, in addition we partner with different South African vineyards for each event. Tickets are on invitation only – so, when guests subscribe to their invitation list (via their website), they receive an invitation by email and then choose to book or skip a month.

SecretEats describes itself as the leading underground dining movement in South Africa (to be honest, I am not aware of any other but that doesn’t mean I am not utterly fascinated by this concept … ooooh the mystery!)

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They reveal the location of the event shortly prior to the event; the menu and chef are a surprise but you’re guaranteed a gastronomic treat.

The damage: R595.00 per person
Venue: It’s a SURPRISE every single time!




Now this is something that crept up on my Facebook newsfeed, and at the risk of sounding like I’ve been living under a rock (given that this is an international concept), I admit that I’d never heard of it before.

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As I trolled the net for more information, I learned the following:

This is a ‘production-on-wheels’, which is based on the original London Ghost Bus (1988). The standard public tours are now guided by Mark Rose-Christie himself in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban & Port Elizabeth, and by Mike Makin in Cape Town.

This is the Durban route as outlined on their website:

• Causerie Bar, Protea Edward Hotel, O R Tambo Parade, Beachfront
Introduction – History of the Paranormal at grassed area at the back of the hotel across the road (off bus).
• Addington Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Rosey O’ Dry’s brothel, Victoria Mansions (all on bus).
• Durban Manor/Durban Club (or Point Yacht Club or Royal Yacht Club) with Dark Haunted Room (pub stop, off bus).
• Magistrate’s Court, The Playhouse and City Hall, Personal Testimony recording, Old Berea Nursing Home (poison murderess Daisy de Melker), ‘The Spook House’ of Musgrave Road (all on bus).
• Dramatic recording classic old radio style “Spook Wagon of the Spokeveld”, Durban Boys High School (all on bus).
• Florida Road
Scientific Explanations of the different Types of Ghosts, Haunted House and Poltergeist House of Campbell Road (pub stop, off bus). EVP recordings part 1 (on bus).
• Innes Road Reservoir, Science of the Paranormal, Dowsing Rods audience participation (all off bus). EVP recordings part 2 (on bus).
• Durban Light Infantry or forested venue (off bus).
• Return to Starting Pub with bonus dramatic recording of “SA’s Most Famous Ghost” (on bus).

This is too freaking weirdly awesome not to try out! There’s a super cool video on their website to give you a glimpse of what they have to offer. Live a little – give it a bash and take someone you’d want to cling to when something goes ‘bump’ in the night… muhaahahaha


The damage: R 349 p.p. for Public & Private/Corporate tours.

Age: This is more an adult tour. Minimum age is 13 years.

Time : 7pm to around midnight.



Sigh (**,)

I am, what some would term, ‘a hopeless romantic’!

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You cynics – don’t stop reading, give me a chance here!

Think about going on a romantic helicopter flight and then landing on a mountain top for a picnic?
It doesn’t HAVE to be “romantically inclined” either – Adventure Bookings South Africa says that they can take three people up or more as well; suitable for families and corporate events too. They have packages to suit all your needs.

They depart from Virginia Airport, fly for approximately 15-20 mins and land on top of Inanda Mountain, to enjoy your picnic before returning base.

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They remind us that their romantic helicopter picnics are great for celebrating anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other intimate special occasion and they do gift vouchers as well.

Website:Helicopter and Picnic

The Damage: R5850.00 per couple (There are more packages on their site)

The Duration: 40 minute helicopter flight



Gather the troops! I’ve always LOVED paintball and frequent Hillcrest Paintball (bit of a drive for me on the North Coast) and Club Venture in Ballito.

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Club Venture is set in a natural forest with our 2 hour paintball sessions set on a half a hectare of playing field. They supply all the equipment, you just have to bring your friends and family.

They also offer zip-lining. Whoop Whooop!

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Duration: 2 Hours
The damage: R99.00 per person and R50.00 for 100 paintballs.
Website: Club Venture Ballito

PART 2 to follow soon 🙂

My Christmas wishes for you…

I’m sending you, Dear Reader,  nothing but love, light and joy over the festive season.

No matter where you’re spending December… a white Christmas in New York; sprawled on a beach in Bali or staying local in beautiful South Africa, may your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.

Stay safe 🙂

Love ,

Disclaimer: None of the photos are my own and were sourced online.


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