Hello Sunshine!

Today we’re “Doing Reflection”   –  see what I did there? You smart fella you…. !

The year has galloped its way to a close (T minus two weeks). It’s around this time that I get reflective on the preceding months and I assess the direction that I’d like the new year to take.

What a year it has been though!! Exceptionally character building, challenging and every obstacle overcome has fortified me as a fearless and independent boss-lady!!


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On January 1st this year, like every year, I mentally fast forwarded to the 31st December 2015 and asked myself a single question:

How would I want this year to end?

I made a list of “Must Do’s” , which list was updated continuously throughout the year. I find that this method helps me to put what matters most into perspective, and assisted me to prioritise the “important” over the “nice to do.”

let your imagination fly.

After all, who wants to feel like they’ve let themselves down on New Years Eve when taking stock of the year?

As I type this, I’m celebrating my 29th birthday! “Celebrate” is a strong word – I’m curled up in bed under a warm, cosy, welcoming duvet that has claimed me as its Queen for a few hours, in this miserable weather!

Birthday sidebar: This year I was utterly stunned into silence (which is rare for me). A few long standing, good friends surprised me with an impromptu sushi dinner party. It was perfect. Combine that with the spoils from family and more friends, and the dinner I’m due at this evening, which I know won’t disappoint, I can confirm that it’s been a good day!   

I digress.

I do not set “New Years’ Resolutions” – I believe that my personal development must be ongoing and when I identify areas that require attention in my life, I attend to them immediately. This year, I thought I’d share the milestones that made 2015 my most exhilarating and exhausting year to date! One of the aims of this blog is to share experiences, after all.

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It started, as most epic things do, with a cracking sunrise to bring in the New Year; and moved along to trying out for the Presenter Search on SABC 3 and making it to Round 2 hahaha who knew?!


Completing my dissertation!!

This was a biggy! I’ve been reading for my (ahem) second Masters’ degree and submitted my dissertation for assessment this November.

OH MY GOSH! This was the bane of my existence for the year and I am not sorry to see the back of it! I literally did a victory dance when I printed out the copies and felt triumphant handing in that expertly bound anchor! (I felt totally weighed down by this project for awhile there, and I must admit, I had my fair share of “F**K it, lets rather go to the beach/mall/movies/sleep” procrastination moments during the year…). I await results from the external examiner…. 🙂


I digress.
It is done.

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And it’s true… it always seems impossible until it’s done… 🙂





I launched Doing Durban in April this year (after setting up the site in December 2014 and neglecting to post anything on it! I’m naughty sometimes….).



My posts were sporadic and I only got around to posting more content in May /June this year! (Blame previously mentioned dissertation and chapter deadline commitments). It’s taken off in a HUGE way, for which, I am thankful to YOU, Dear Reader.  


I’ve been privileged to see friends get married; have babies; celebrate birthdays together; make new memories with special people; fell in love (in more ways than one); mourned the loss of people and pets I adored and SO MUCH MORE!


I think I’ve acquired me life experience in 2015 than in all my prior years!


I got fit!

And Strong!

And sweated my way to an UNASSISTED PUSH UP!

I promised myself since I started weight training in July that I would be able to do atleast one push-up by December – I hit target in the beginning of November and no one was happier than my trainer!!

Fist bumps for days!!

The health and fitness journey continues… with bigger goals to smash!


I gave back and continue to do so. I helped to build things for the betterment and improvement in the lives of people who needed it.

I severed ties with the toxic, distanced myself from those who emitted bad vibes or around whom I felt I could not be my exceptionally delightful self around! :)

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Fast forward…
To the 31st December 2015…

This Blogger /Attorney/ All-Round-Delight will certainly NOT be filled with feelings of regret for letting herself down this year…. Only positive, accomplished and aspirational feels will do!! :p


I’ve already fast forwarded to 31st December 2016 and set some plans in action…

Hint: “Doing Travel” 

Have you? 😉


Festive hugs,

Disclaimer: Not all images here are my own, some were sourced online. 

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