Doing Durban Does Jozi & Little Havana in Umhlanga

Dear Reader

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I’ve been quite active on Doing Durban’s social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but I’ve neglected this page for  a few months, for which I apologise.

By now you’ve figured out that I’ve relocated to Gauteng and I’m actually quite excited about this brand new life chapter!

I look forward to Doing Jozi with you while also blogging on Durban gems that I come across on my visits. This relocation has necessitated a site re-brand, to something a little less geographically specific. Watch this space!

I will continue to share travel, food, fitness and lifestyle posts.

This weekend while visiting Durbs, I stopped over a Little Havana on Chartwell Drive, Granada Centre, Umhlanga. 

When you’ve been away from home for two months and then visit for a bit, home-cooked meals trump an evening out at a fancy restaurant. For instance, I landed on Friday night and I savoured kebaabs and roti with grans mango pickle at 9.45pm! (I’m a ‘6pm last call for supper’ person).

I am SO not a pickle fan either, but the palate was homesick and it required strange things to be satiated. I did my best all weekend to indulge it.

Nothing says comfort like mums cooking! I’m home. ❤

Saturday night was a bit different. Good food, you’d agree, is so much more satisfying when shared with good company.  I’ve never shared a meal with anyone I didn’t like – I’d rather eat alone!  Meals, especially well prepared ones, are, for me, an experience worth sharing with only the best, most interesting company.

So instead of staying in for dinner, I favoured catching up with an old friend. Sometimes, home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling you get when you’re around another human. And ‘comfort’ food isn’t necessarily something carbo loaded or something you grew up eating – it’s biting into something average but reminiscing about ‘that one time’ when the same dish tasted amazing elsewhere! The ‘comfort’, dear Reader, emanates from the memory you associate with the meal.

Pictured is my dessert. Their cake of the day (R45.00). Expresso mousse vanilla sponge cake with peacan nuts and a dollop of vanilla ice-cream. I’ve picked up a habit of ending my meals with a cappuccino and dessert (even if all I can manage is a teaspoon!)

It’s an indulgence I pay for in sweat at the gym but one I gladly take.😉

I’d revisit for this alone.


My main was the rump risotto (R145.00), a 200g rump on a bed of mushroom risotto. The risotto was heavenly!

I usually go for a sirloin cut which is more tender than the rump, but it was as good as rumps get. Medium rare, as I like it, putting up little resistance to my knife as I sliced through.


I also had a bite of their ostrich fillet served on a bed of mash as well (R160.00) – I’m not much of a game fan but He-of-Hearty-Appetite who joined me this evening simply loved it!

Apologies for the picture quality, I didn’t want to blind the diners next to my table with the flash.

I also discovered a my new fave cocktail – Johnny’s Ginger Beer. Give it a bash, you’ll be back for more and try their salt and pepper fried calamari starter… divine!

The service is prompt and attentive without being obtrusive. The set-up is classy and stylish without being suffocatingly formal. It’s vibey and bustling but quiet enough to have a conversation with the person opposite you!

Highly recommended.

Until next time darlings,


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