Warm hugs and happy hello 🙂

You must be freezing in this weather – us Durbanites don’t take well to the cold! It feels like one of those winters were comfort food is high on the agenda;  eating clean and healthy is proving to be such a mission for me. How are you faring?

To me, ‘clean and healthy’ often means cutting out some of the meat at times. Not all the time, and I have also been known to order off the vegetarian menu when it looks especially appealing. I mean, who can turn down Butter Paneer? All the creamy goodness of a butter chicken gravy but with those succulent, soft, wonderfully comforting paneer cubes thrown in! Sigh. My Diners has my heart on this one but Copper Chimney comes in a close second!

Come to think of it, some of my nearest, dearest and best friends are Vegetarian. I’ve recently been advised that I’ve managed to accumulate a mini Veggie Army of followers with this blog too! (We should not judge them for their plant-eating tendencies.. be nice… 😉 )

So then, how could I neglect You of the Non-Meat Inclined variety? Shame on me! Forgive?  

Hindu’s will start fasting pretty soon over Purtassi and the like, so I thought it appropriate to share wonderful list of Vegetarian restaurants with you. (Yes, I eat out when fasting, these places are vegetarian in any event.)

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Earth Mother Organic on Bulwer Road, Glenwood on several occasions. They make this AMAZING avocado, cherry tomato and feta cheese pasta. (It’s no longer on the menu, but the last time a colleague of mine and I went through for some healthy comfort food, they obligingly made it for us! It was kind of our “go-to” meal there.) They have another branch in Durban North too, at Shop 6, 8A Mackeurtan Avenue.  They make a range of freshly prepared healthy juices as well and I’ve tried their wraps once or twice. Fresh, wholesome, orchestra of flavours in my little mouth!

This avo pasta is the business though! Creamy thanks to the avo mixed in, and oh so filling! 


The setting is laid back and casual, courtyard style with these beautiful tall trees.


I took these pics awhile ago and didn’t make note of the prices!

The buzz around Conscious Cafe in Hillcrest has got me planning a little drive down there soon.

Sure there’s the old favourites like Vintage India in Greyville; Mali’s on Goble Road and Palki in Musgrave, but when the palette craves something a bit different from Indian food, trying something new is always welcome.

Vegan SA put together this list, and you’d be spoilt for choice when looking for a meat-free restaurant by the looks of things!

Here you go, Vegan friendly restaurants in KZN.

Tell me about your faves!



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