Doing Durban wishes you every happiness over the festive season. Here is a list to ensure you live your best life – a happy one.

Happiness is a state of mind, or so I’ve heard. But with the pressures of life, we get derailed sometimes and it’s easy to start feeling sorry for ourselves.

BUT, you’ve got Doing Durban in your corner, cheering you on. Because life isn’t just about hedonistic pleasures – we need self care too. I hope this helps you! 

1. Stop stressing over things that are beyond your control
This includes the behaviour of other people. You’re fucking awesome – except when you’re an asshole (which we all are sometimes). But just remember that to every problem there is a solution, and if it’s escaping you in this moment, just let it be. Things have a way of falling into place.



2. Commit to any form of physical activity daily.

Run, walk, plank, weight train, barre, Zumba, Crossfit, home workouts that tickle your fancy – anything that gets your heart rate up. This is not about becoming skinny – it’s about taking care of your most valuable asset – YOU.



3. Nothing beats the feeling of financial security that so few enjoy.

This is because many of us live beyond our means and end up with maxed out credit cards and paying off store accounts. Why are you buying clothes on account? If you cannot afford it, do without it. Live debt free – you will save so much on interest it’s astounding!


4. Do something cathartic daily.

Whether it’s a long soak in a tub, playing your favourite hymn or mantra, getting a massage or sipping a cup of spiced chai – something that makes the world stop for a bit. You need it. There is nothing cute about being burnt-out.


5. Call your mum. And your gran. And your siblings.

And anyone else who gives a shit about you. They won’t always be around and it’s amazing how rejuvenating it is to speak to people who genuinely love you. Natural happy boost.


6. Sunscreen.

SPF all day everyday please. You’ll thank me when you’re 50 and don’t look haggard.


Let go
7. Let go of all situations and people who are atrocious or simply make you feel drained. This includes cutting off dead weight from social media. Take out the toxic to make room for the terrific.


Give back
8. Symbolic activism (by wearing a ribbon or sharing a post on Facebook) may be fine to generate discourse on a topic but without action towards a cause, your symbolic activism is meaningless.

Pick something that hits you in the feels – something that speaks to your soul, and help change the world. You feel passionate about fighting hunger? Start a sandwich club or make a homeless person a meal everyday. 

Your heart dies a bit each time you see a stray cat? Commit to making a regular contribution to your local animal rescue organisation.

Do SOMETHING, that doesn’t involve a ‘like’, a ‘share’ or a hashtag.


Goals and Ambition
9. Get some goals. Show some ambition. Set challenges for yourself that don’t involve standing still and posting a video of it on social media.

Do something constructive that will elevate your life in one way or the other.  Progress.
We are surrounded by asinine ‘challenges’ such as ‘love your spouse’ etc.
Really? How is that a ‘challenge’?
Push yourself to achieve greatness instead of wallowing in mediocrity.
Women I implore you to follow your passions! Get educated or start a business and or excel at your job – build yourself up! There is more to being a women then getting married and procreating. Be the women you’d want your daughter to be.


10. Maintain the ones that help you grow. Those friendships with warm and genuine people who make you feel good inside. Ditch the ones that are life sucking or those friendships were you find yourself having the same conversation all the time.
We out grow people. It’s simple. As we grow, our priorities and values may change. It’s natural for our circle to change too. If they won’t stand up for you in your absence, let them step out of your life.


Lovanya is a blogger who enjoys the occasional ramble on her website. She is also fond of ignoring the wash instructions on her clothes and wonders why they shrink in the dryer. The precious little rebel she is. ♥

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